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Guarantee satisfaction in your business

Build trust and customer loyalty by listening to them and improving the service they expect in 1 minute with Qservus Lite

No credit card required

Create unlimited satisfaction surveys specially designed for more than 25 types of businesses in just 1 minute.

In a fast and simple way

Create your customer satisfaction survey in just one minute. With 7 pre-designed questions, it will cover every aspect of the services you provide. With no contracts and binding obligations, you can unsubscribe at any time.

In real time

Receive responses in real time, draw conclusions and take immediate action. Analyze your business with responses from the open-ended question included at the end of the survey.

Distribute your surveys through various channels such as email, websites or QR codes is the fastest way to measure and analyze what your customers think.

Measure the purchase intentions of your customers.


Being able to quickly solve the needs and concerns of your customers will result in preference and appreciation for your business. Gain the loyalty of your customers with concrete and immediate actions.

Increase the number of referrals and reduce customer leaks.


Everyone asks trusted people about how they went with a purchase or hiring a service.
A satisfied customer is the perfect speaker of the benefits of your company.

Converts your weakness into sales opportunities


The range of responses you get informs you about the level of recommendation, satisfaction and loyalty to your business. In addition, it guides you to action: what to improve, what to change, what remains.

Qservus customer experience specialists have made importants brands around the world improve their sales processes and results.

Try now the new version Qservus Lite, developed especially for SMEs and grow your business.




Hair Salons

Medical Services

many more

Optimize your sales process for only 5$ per month

What does this price include? 

Multilingual Surveys

Multi platform

Omnichannel: email, QR code, links, web widget

Real-time reports, downloadable in PDF and / or Excel format

Easy to use

Seven predefined questions

Give them an easy and simple tool to recommend your business.

No credit card required