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Increase the loyalty of your customers 

Are you looking for a way to improve your relationship with your customers, understand their needs and opinions? Our AI-powered platform offers you the right solution. Don't miss the opportunity to unlock the full potential of a world-class platform at an affordable price.

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We adapt to your needs

It does not matter if you are an Entrepreneur, Micro-entrepreneur, SME or a large company, at QServus you will always have solutions tailored to your needs.

Save time and reduce costs automating with AI

Our world-class platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to achieve maximum focus and automate your processes. Get the full potential of state-of- the-art technology that will allow you to reduce your costs.

Listen to your customers with real-time feedback

Our real-time feedback system is the perfect solution. When receiving complaints, suggestions and congratulations from your customers in real time, you can make adjustments and improve quickly, to ensure may your service always meet expectations.

In addition, it allows you to maintain constant communication with your customers and show them that you value their opinion.

Seamless integration

QServus is a digital platform whose purpose is to put the customer’s voice at the center of any organization and for this, we have a set of features that allow us to improve the quality of service from the use of the platform.


Our three fundamental pillars

With our platform, you will be able to carry out three key actions that will help you achieve your goals.







2. Listen to your customers with omnichannel

Today’s customers want to be heard and integrated. Our platform allows you to have real interactions with your customers and collect their opinions and needs. In addition, our multichannel strategy allows you to have conversations from any device and in multiple languages, to reach all your customers.

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2. Analyze responses with artificial intelligence

After listening, it is important to know how to analyze what your customers say and turn that information into business opportunities. Sometimes a single answer can impact entire processes, find out with our artificial intelligence! Through indicators and reports, you will be able to review your results in different formats to be able to be analyzed, used in your presentations, and achieve process activation.

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3. Act in real time

QServus allows you to impact various types of processes in your organization, including: generating requests and claims automatically through a ticket system, conducting focused training to improve service capacity, generating loyalty actions and generating action plans. Also, you will be able to activate different types of automated actions to satisfy and retain your customers, delivering solutions that are aligned with your

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Listening to your customers will improve the quality of service of your business

Automated actions

Do you need to respond immediately to your clients' requests? Leave it in our hands. Save time with our automated solutions.

The multi-channel strategy

Your company can use different means to talk with its customers. Since QServus is usable from any device.

Easy surveys

Create online surveys to understand the needs and level of satisfaction of your customers.

They trust us

.We are proud to work for these leading brands.



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At QServus, we are leading the revolution of Customer Real Time Feedback powered by AI to increase the loyalty of your customers, providing companies with tools that improve the quality of their service. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the full potential of a world-class platform at an affordable price!